The Originals!
It all started with these! March 15th 2017 was my father's ( Seymour Rosner's) Yahrzeit. My mom had passed in Sept 2016.  Needless to see I was in a funk! So,  Instead of distracting myself  with a shopping trip to the mall on this particular day I decided I would dive in and create!  I posted it to Instagram with this caption.
The Ocean was my Dad's favorite Spot! 2 short years ago yesterday he passed.  He was a sculpture.  In memory of him yesterday I painted this. 
The response was overwhelming!  After that ,I started painting weekly and my clients ( I am a personal Trainer by day) started to commission me for art work.  Before youI knew  it I am at the UJA truck show on the Hamptons! 

Since then I have had a steady stream of commission work!  I am grateful for it all!